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The IMPAS program aims to cultivate talents whose specialties focus not only on application-oriented theory and technology but also the capabilities of design and practical thinking.  

  • We help students to enhance the abilities of integrated cross-discipline knowledge, and increase the abilities to independent research and to publish papers in scientific journals.
  • Students of the IMPAS program can choose one major field and, at the same time, choose courses in other fields to broaden and strengthen their professional knowledge and skills as well as to establish a solid foundation for future development in global academy and industry.
  • The College of Science establishes academic-industrial collaboration with prestigious enterprises in Taiwan and overseas. We encourage students to participate in off-campus internships and gain practical in-depth experience.
  • To cultivate outstanding R&D talents for the high-tech industry, we mobilize international academic exchange programs and offer competitive, practical, and professional courses.




  • 推動整合性雙專長學分學程,強化學生跨領域技能,以培育產業所需之專業實務人才。
  • 整合學院研發能量,以功能性材料研究中心為主軸規劃跨系所研究團隊合作,建立半導體材料及生物相容性材料核心設施,整合各系研究資源,促進師生研究成果發展。
  • 與國內外優良廠商建立產學合作關係,鼓勵學生參與校外實習,輔導學生考取專業證照,以提升學生就業與實務能力。
  • 推動院系所國際學術交流,整合師生與國際班資源,以培育高科技所需的研發人才。